Titans Feeding Titans host spring cleaning distribution event

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By: Alyssa Foster


Students, staff and faculty were able to keep squeaky clean and get a head start on their spring cleaning. Titans Feeding Titans hosted their spring cleaning distribution event April, 14 from 1 pm. – 3 p.m. 

Tables were set up outside in between the Fine Arts and Education Arts buildings with bags, buckets and baskets filled with various cleaning supplies.

Several products were available to be picked up, including “household cleaners, laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels, sponges and other cleaning items,” Anne Drake, director of Disability Support Services, said.

Items including air fresheners, reusable wipes and gallons of bleach were also available. 

“Any student, staff or faculty member that is in need [could] pick them up,” Drake explained.

When arriving at the tables, students could choose which items they wanted. With a wide selection of bundles in the bags, baskets and buckets, there were several options to fit the any and all needs. 

According to Drake, the supplies were shopped for and put together in bundles by those at Titans Feeding Titans.

“We have shopped in local grocery and discount stores to supply the spring cleaning event!” Drake said. 

The food pantry was also open during the spring cleaning distribution event for any students in need of groceries aside from paper products and cleaning supplies. The food pantry will also remain open through the semester, and students can contact the Titans Feeding Titans Facebook page with questions regarding food pantry hours and availability. Students with interest in volunteering at the food pantry can contact the Facebook page for information as well. Questions can also be sent directly to Drake at anmdrake@iusb.edu.

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