The Preface wants you!

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By: Tori Wilson


IU South Bend’s very-own student newspaper, The Preface, is looking for interns! As of now, there is just one spot for this position left.

The Preface looks for students interested in journalism, media, any kind of writing, public relations or marketing. Interns range with many different majors 𑁋 from business to history and English, so this internship is not limited to just communication studies majors. Interns help with writing, helping on the website and even work on social media platforms.

An internship with The Preface will give students work to showcase for future job opportunities. These works will show employers that the student has skills in journalistic writing, communication to audiences via print and the web. 

This internship will also allow a student to show an employer that they can work with multiple sources, meet deadlines and work with a team. If a student is interested in working in any media field, this opportunity is a true resume builder!

This particular internship allows interns to work closely with writers and editors. Employees and interns choose the stories they want to write𑁋nothing is forced upon any student. 

“We treat them as professionals, not clerical workers,” Ken Klimek, advisor of The Preface, said. 

Interns do not get paid, rather they work as an intern for one semester then get added to the payroll the following semester if they decide to continue working for the newspaper. Since The Preface has a limited budget each academic year, being unpaid for a semester allows the newspaper to have sufficient staffers to do their jobs.

Any student interested in having an internship with The Preface should contact Ken Klimek at Klimek will go over potential duties, hours, the newspaper’s needs and more, over email or a phone call.

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