Current students send letters to potential IU South Bend students

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By: Alyssa Foster


 Current IU South Bend students have been working to send congratulatory notes to the incoming class of Titans.

Volunteers have been working hard to write and send out over 1,500 cards to graduating high school seniors who have been accepted to IU South Bend. Over half of the cards have been finished due to the help of the Honors Program, along with a handful of graduating seniors, faculty, staff and alumni. 

This is the second year that cards have been sent out, but this year has been much more successful so far.

 “Last year we partnered with the Office of Alumni Relations and had alumni volunteers write the notes. Unfortunately, we began the project right as we went into lockdown for the pandemic, and it really threw a wrench in our plans,” Caroline Bilsky, assistant director of Office of Admissions, said. 

The Office of Admissions has a goal of sending a card to every admitted first-year student. 

“While many of our admitted students are from South Bend and the Michiana area, we do have cards going as far as California!” Bilsky said. 

While assigning volunteers to high school students, Bilsky tries to match IU South Bend students with graduating seniors from their former high school. This allows for a more personal connection between the students. 

“It really proves to the high school senior that going to college is something they can definitely achieve because others in similar situations to theirs have done it!” Bilsky said.

Admissions works with high school students from their first inquiry to the time they confirm their admission. Through this process, Office of Admissions workers are able to form connections. However, according to Bilsky, allowing incoming students to connect with current students helps them to learn about the school and community from a student’s perspective. 

According to the instructions letter for those sending cards, the idea is to welcome students into the IU South Bend community with a personalized touch.

“The goal of this project is to provide admitted students with a personalized message from a member of the IU South Bend community, congratulating them on their acceptance and sharing what makes IU South Bend special,” the Office of Admissions letter said.

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