Winter sessions make their debut

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By: Cassidy Martenson and Kate Luce

Intern, Co-Editor-in-Chief

IU South Bend is offering a newly established winter session this year for students interested in taking online courses over the break. The winter session will begin on Dec. 21 and end on Feb. 7. 

The news of the new semester was first announced by Chancellor Susan Elrod back in May of this year. According to her, it would be a way for Titans to stay on track with their course work during these unprecedented times

This winter session is not new to IU as a whole. Bloomington has been offering these courses in past years but they are pushing for other campuses to take advantage of this modified semester. With this push, students can get ahead with their academic careers.

Currently, IU South Bend is offering 5-week courses and 7-week courses this year. On the list of courses, a few common core classes, business classes, a yoga class, and many a few other classes that have been converted to the modified class schedule. 

According to the Office of Financial Aid, the new session will be considered a part of the spring semester. Therefore, any aid that students anticipate receiving for the spring semester will be distributed for all spring and winter courses. There is no additional aid being offered for the winter session.

According to the Office of the Registrar, students should keep this in mind if they need to be on campus full-time for loans or scholarship requirements. Now, students can split up their credits through the winter and the spring semester.

In order to sign up for these classes, students will find them in the spring semester area of the SIS Student Center, since these classes are technically part of the spring.

Students can contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions regarding their anticipated aid for the spring session. Contact the Office of the Bursar with any questions regarding billing for the winter and spring semesters. 

The first bill for the spring semester will be sent on Dec. 17 and will be due on Jan.10. Students should check their IU emails and their student centers through One.IU for updates on their payments and payment plan options. 

While this year is one of the first years IU South Bend will be offering these classes, the winter session is bound to stay a part of this campus and grow into a full list of courses in all different areas.

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