Accumulated SAF money surplus to go to Long Term Planning Fund

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By: Alyssa Foster

Staff Writer

The IU South Bend Student Government Association approved a motion while weighing the options of what to do with a large surplus of accumulated Student Activity Fee money on Friday. 

As of Feb. 24, the total value of the SAF surplus totaled $305,450.44. The money has been transferred into the Long-Term Planning Fund subaccount, monitored by the SGA and is separate from the Student Government’s main budget.

The SGA approved a motion to base SAF allocations on fall and spring projections. They will use the summer SAF as a safety net, in the case of fall and spring projections are not met. Any surplus relative to this projection will be put back into the Long-Term Planning Fund.

The SGA will determine SAF allocations for the coming fiscal year based on projected revenue received from the Office of Administration and Finance for the fall and spring semesters of that coming year. Since the summer term revenue will not be included in the allocation, it will be used as a “safety net” for if fall and spring revenue go over the projections.

The SGA also received a $600 budget request from the International Student Organization for a trip to the Potawatomi Zoo. The request was approved. Other clubs and organizations are also reminded and encouraged to request funds if needed.

 Students interested in running for an SGA position are encouraged to do so by March 26 at

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