Students express their creative side with Cocoa and Canvas

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By: Kate Luce


Students relaxed with creativity and a sweet drink on March 4. Titan Productions hosted Cocoa and Canvas for the first time this semester, both in-person and online.

An IU South Bend student artist led the event. The group painting project gave students an 8×10 inch painting of a cardinal among branches. As with these painting events in the past, students were provided with a canvas, painting supplies and a packet of hot cocoa.

While students could attend the event in-person, there were limited physical spots due to COVID-19 safety restrictions. Much like the Cocoa and Canvas event this past fall, there was an option to attend the event on Zoom if spaces filled up or if a student felt safer painting at home.

More students took advantage of the event in-person. A total of 11 students showed up on Thursday. Eight students signed up for the Zoom, but due to some technical difficulties, the Zoom password was sent out late. 

Nonetheless, students who attend felt this event was a well-needed break from their school routine.

“I’ve been searching for fun things to do on campus all year and usually there are lectures to attend which are indeed educational, but I take 18 credit hours. I have enough lectures in my life. I really wanted to just have fun with my friends and this sounded like it could just be a casual fun event instead of basically another class,” Allena Peacock, secondary education major, said. 

Students that attended the event in-person felt it went well.

“It was really fun, and the people there were super friendly and nice and my friends and I all really enjoyed it! Everyone did a great job organizing that we all really appreciated all the effort put forth,” Peacock said.

If a student could not attend this Cocoa and Canvas, Titan Productions is planning on hosting another painting event in early April. This event will be held in-person and through Zoom again, and the password for the Zoom is posted on Titan Atlas.

In the next few weeks, Titan Productions will team up with the Office of Student Life to host two spoken word poets through Zoom: Carlos Andres Gomez and Ebony Stewart. For more information and to RSVP, visit Titan Atlas, easily accessible through the one.iu website by searching “Titan Atlas.”

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