Titan Success Center welcomes new academic coaches

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By: Connie Klimek

Staff Writer


The Titan Success Center has three new faces on their staff. Erica Cannady, Kathy Miller and Shaune Thompson are the Titan Success Center’s newest academic success coaches.

Each coach offers unique assets to the team which benefit their focus. In addition, all three are IU South Bend alumni. While transitioning to the Titan Success Office may be new to them, they all feel a strong connection to the campus which inspired them to become professional advocates for student resources on campus.

Cannady, coach for the Guided Pathways Academy, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Cannady then went on to earn her master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in student development and administration. 

As the head of the GPA, Cannady creates a safety net for students who have been admitted into the GPA program to implement success into their experience at IU South Bend. Just a few of the resources Cannady incorporates within her program are coaching, connections with peer mentors, and enrolling students in courses with dedicated professors that want to help students succeed on campus. 

Cannady’s facilitation of the GPA program helps students prove themselves and helps them grow emotionally, intellectually and socially while connecting to campus and available resources. 

Cannady’s favorite spot on campus is the fifth floor of the Franklin D. Schurz Library. A fun fact about Cannady is that her initials are EMC, which is similar to the mathematical equation e=mc2. She occasionally uses it to sign-off her emails.

Miller, coach for 21st Century Scholars, has worked on campus for the past 17 years. Miller was a student worker in the Financial Aid Office for two years and then became an employee for financial aid for the past 15 years after graduating from IU South Bend. 

Miller earned a bachelor’s degree in general studies. While attending IU South Bend, Miller was a 21st Century Scholar herself. After experiencing the program as a student, and then awarding it to students in the Financial Aid Office for over a decade, Miller has a plethora of information to coach students in the program.

Miller also has previous experience as an academic coach as a temporary coach for the Titan Success Center in 2016. She coaches students within her focus to keep students in compliance with the specifications of their award. 

Miller is passionate about facilitating a positive environment within this program. 

“[To help] improve programming, build a sense of community in the scholarship, raise awareness of activities, develop good mentors, develop networking relationships past school in the community and within a potential work field,” Miller said. 

Miller says her favorite spot on campus is anywhere she can engage in a caring environment, especially outside of her office interacting with students. A fun fact about Miller is that she enjoys baking.

Thompson, coach for transfer students, functions within the Titan Success Center to support transfer students through coaching, specifically within the ABC program. Thompson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in general studies and a master’s degree in education with a focus in mental health counseling. Thompson discovered her passion for student support after working in River Crossing Housing. Previously, she worked in the Admissions Office. 

Thompson discovered she prefers coaching rather than recruiting. She decided to move to a support services realm, and she enjoys working with students for a longer time rather than just seeing them when they transfer initially. 

Before joining the Titan Success Center, Thompson worked for a program to support students transferring from Ivy Tech to IU South Bend. 

“Many people think transfer students do not seem to need a lot of extra support, but I find it’s the opposite, they need more help, especially understanding credits and pathways to give them the support they need to graduate,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s favorite spot on campus is the campus mall. A fun fact about her is that she loves true crime.

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