Hearts and crafts

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By: Cassidy Martenson

Staff Writer 

The IU South Bend Honors Program is finding ways to spread love throughout the organization. On Feb. 11, Honors students will be meeting virtually to craft their own heart pillows to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Students were required to RSVP to the event by Jan. 29. This allows the Honors Program leaders plenty of time to gather enough materials for everyone who wishes to attend the event, as well as practice their crafting skills. Students can begin picking up their individual bags of supplies for their pillows on Jan. 8. Students will then join via Zoom to complete their pillows and spend time together. 

The Honors Program has seen success with crafting events in the past. Recently, the Honors Program met virtually to make scarves for the less fortunate in the community. According to Neovi Karakatsanis, Honors Program Director, “Students really enjoyed making the scarves in November and just relaxing with each other while they were making them.”

After seeing the success of the scarf event, Honors student Lily Wright proposed the idea of a Valentine’s Day Heart Crafting. Wright says, “I love the idea of having a special day to celebrate and think about the people you love and care about.” She is excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her honors family and host her first event. 

Paige Closson, Honors Program Intern, states “Our goal for all our events is to help students engage with the IUSB community. College is all about having fun and making long-lasting relationships!” This event is meant to create a community within the program, as well as provide an opportunity for students to expand their creativity.

The event is already off to a running start with 50 students signed up to attend the event. The Honors Program leaders are excited for the afternoon of crafting and look forward to hosting another successful event. 

Students should continuously be on the lookout for more events from the Honors Program. Honors students can RSVP to these various events through TitanAtlas. 

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