Delight group plans Spring Kickoff

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By: Alyssa Foster


The IU South Bend Delight group is planning to host their Spring Kickoff at a local church on Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. 

Delight is a Christian Bible study for college women in schools all around to grow in their faith. Delight was brought to IU South Bend in the spring semester of 2019 and has gathered a large group of women, including IU South Bend students as well as those from other close universities. 

As a Christ-centered group, there are many service opportunities for members of Delight. 

“We do community service and fellowship nights,” said Annabelle Heiter, Delight member. “We try to help out the community and other churches as much as we can by volunteering.”

The group meets at a local church every Thursday. Since all college women are welcome, Delight also tries to meet outside of regular meeting times often to get to know each other a little better. With COVID restrictions, the group will be practicing social distancing guidelines and will be wearing masks at all times, unless eating or drinking. 

There are no strict rules to join Delight but bringing a friend with is strongly requested. There is also no cost to join Delight, however meetings are based off of a Delight Ministries book that cost $15. 

“You can purchase it at our first meeting date or at the website We do a giveaway at our first meeting with our book in it. Other than that, it’s completely free to join!” Heiter said.

Those interested in joining can email or can visit the Delight Instagram page @delight_iusb for more information or to receive the meeting location address. 

“You don’t know unless you try! We, as leaders, will welcome you with open arms, and so will all the other Delight members. It’s a great opportunity to meet other college-aged women. It can grow lifelong friendships and faith,” said Heiter.

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