Meet the staff: Cassidy Martenson

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By: Cassidy Martenson

Staff Writer 

Hello! My name is Cassidy Martenson, and I am a sophomore here at IU South Bend. I began my college experience at Butler University in Indianapolis before transferring home to South Bend in Spring 2020. Transferring was scary, but I am so glad that I ended up here!

I am a double major in Marketing and Communications with a focus in Public Relations. 

I have always been passionate about school, and I pride myself on getting good grades. When I am not studying or doing homework, I am likely doing a million other things on campus. I have a work study position at the IUSB Health and Wellness Center (please come get your flu shot!), I am a member of the Honors Program, and I occasionally write for Aspire. 

Aside from school, I am a part time nanny to two young kids. I love watching movies with them, eating chicken nuggets and going to McDonald’s. I am really close with my family, so if I am not working or at school, I am likely at home with them. I live with my mom and my stepdad, as well as our two dogs. 

A fun fact about me is that I used to be a competitive cake decorator. I know that sounds like something that does not actually exist, but I promise it does. I have been featured in an international cake magazine, International Cake Exploration Society, and have won many ribbons for my cakes. 

I began writing for The Preface last semester, fall 2020, as an intern and immediately fell in love with it and all of the opportunities that it presents. Throughout the semester, you will find me writing a wide variety of pieces. I am passionate about mental health, so I frequently write pieces about campus counseling and mental health awareness. I will also be covering various events around campus because I love getting to meet new people and learn new things about the IU South Bend community.

I am looking forward to writing more stories this semester and gaining new experiences. If you see me on campus, feel free to say hi! 

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