Wellness Rooms available across campus

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By: Alyssa Foster 

Wellness Rooms are currently available throughout buildings on IU South Bend’s campus for all students to use. 

Campus Wellness Rooms are individual, private rooms where students can relax at IU South Bend. Access to these rooms gives students a place to complete assignments, take care of personal matters or just have some time alone. 

“Each room is different, but they are all designed with student mental wellbeing in mind,” Kari Frame, Health and Wellness Center Operations Director, said. 

Many of the rooms include comfortable seating, essential oil diffusers and reading materials. Rooms can be used for any purpose that a student may need privacy for.

“Each student has their own needs, and they should use the wellness room for whatever they need. Whether that be a nursing mother using the room to pump, or a student looking for a quiet place to destress after an exam,” Frame said.

Wellness Rooms are located in seven places throughout campus. Administration Building 102, Vera Z. Dwyer Hall 155, Education & Arts 2245, Elkhart Center A109, Wiekamp Hall DW 2211, Wiekamp Hall 3274, and Northside NS 422 are all Wellness Rooms open to all students. 

Reservations to use a Wellness Room is not required; if a student sees that it is unoccupied, they are free to use the room. 

Wellness Rooms were created so that students can find a private space where they can feel comfortable, take care of anything they need to do, and reach success a little easier. 

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