Housing looking for volunteers to assist with COVID-19 procedures

By: Alyssa Foster

IU South Bend Housing is currently looking for student volunteers to assist with spring arrival testing from Feb. 4 through Feb. 6.

COVID-19 screening will take place in the Education & Arts Building from 9 a.m. -6 p.m. for students returning to campus housing. Housing students are required to be screened for the COVID-19 virus prior to moving in unless they have tested positive between 11 and 90 days prior to move-in. 

Volunteer shifts are divided into three three-hour increments each day. Volunteer roles include greeter, check-in, swabber/runner, negative results runner, and cleaner/room monitor. Each student will be provided Job Action Sheets describing their roles and responsibilities prior to the start of their shift(s). 

Though student volunteers will be transporting the swabs to those checking in and delivering them to the processing room, the tests will be completed through self-swabbing, preventing direct contact between check-in students and volunteers. Social distancing guidelines are to be followed to the best of their ability by all volunteers during their shift(s), and masks will be work at all times. 

“For the housing move-in day, students should expect to fulfill their designated role and be an advocate for public health,” Kari Frame, Health and Wellness Center Operations Director, said. 

The IU South Bend Spring Arrival Testing Team will also be on-site to assist with any questions or concerns volunteers may have. Any IU South Bend students looking for community service hours or resume boosters are eligible to sign up to assist during the move-in times. 

“This is a great opportunity for students to get some extra volunteer hours and help out the IUSB community,” Frame said. 

Students interested in registering for a volunteer shift can email Tiffany German-Hall at

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