IU South Bend introduces new Women in Business Club

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By: Alyssa Foster

IU South Bend has introduced a new Women in Business Club and is currently looking for new members to join. 

The IU South Bend Women in Business Club is an opportunity for students to boost their resumes, improve their MBA preparation skills and gain community connections. While club plans have not yet been set firm, the club is in the process of scheduling events with local business owners as well as creating SMAT, essay and resume study groups. 

The IU South Bend Women in Business Club came as an idea from Honors student Kaylee Janowski. After coming across a seminar hosted by the Notre Dame Mendoza’s Women in Business Club, Janowski was inspired to take her knowledge to IU South Bend’s campus. 

“In the seminar, they discussed how they encourage the class percentage of 24% women to speak up, get involved and cultivate a community. After hearing that, I did some more research on the percentage gap and discovered that in 2020 the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) reported only 36% of MBA applicants were women,” Janowski said. 

According to Janowski, this information made the application processes for MBA programs, internships and other business opportunities seem overwhelming and intimidating. 

“Knowing I’m not alone when I feel this way, I decided to pursue an organization to support the present and future generations of undergraduate women of IUSB in the business field,” Janowski said. 

The IU South Bend Women in Business Club encourages any woman in the business program to join, as well as anyone with an interest in supporting women in business. 

“We are incredibly accommodating to busy schedules and only require attendance at one meeting a semester in order to stay enrolled,” Janowski said.

With the restrictions on group gatherings, the club will be entirely virtual throughout the remainder of the pandemic. However, they hope to convert to a mixture of in-person and virtual events one time per month once the pandemic has come to a rest. 

Any students interested in joining the IU South Bend Women in Business Club, or those looking for more information about the club, can contact Kaylee Janowski at mkm9@iu.edu. Club meetings will be starting up shortly.

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