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New senator elected to the SGA

By: Kate Luce


The Student Government Association (SGA) has elected Boris Toure as a new senator. Toure faced against Maddie West and Gurpreet Singh. 

The SGA thanked both West and Singh for preparing well and making it a challenge to elect a new senator. They asked that they apply again in the Spring for a position in the SGA. This application is set to open up in the following months. If interested in applying, check out the SGA’s Titan Atlas Page.

The SGA announced that Jill Pearson was named IU South Bend’s new Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. After months of testing applicants, Pearson will start in February 2021.

Other information that the SGA brought up is that the university is working toward a new mission statement. In addition, a hate speech forum will be happening in the Spring. This forum will discuss what is hate speech versus what is acceptable speech. This forum is a response to a IU South Bend employee who posted hate speech on their Facebook. This was brought to light over the summer, but the university was unable to take direct action against the employee.

There were no funding requests this week. However, the SGA is encouraging student organizations to request funding for any events happening this semester. Interested organizations are encouraged to fill out a funding request application, which can be located here:

The SGA will be back on Dec. 4 at 5:30 p.m.

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