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Honors Program and Gamers Guild hosted Among Us game night

By: Alyssa Foster


The IU South Bend Honors Program merged with the Gamers’ Guild for an Among Us game night on Nov. 28. 

The idea of an Among Us game night originally came as a suggestion from an honors student. Ian Greaves, President of the Gamers Guild and Honors student, also suggested the event and offered to help with the technical aspects in order to put the event together. 

After discussion between Honors officers, the game night was decided to be hosted over Zoom in order to follow social distancing guidelines and allow for students to communicate with one another. The Zoom link is posted and available for students through Titan Atlas. 

“Once the event begins, we will do breakout rooms with 10 people each and with one person as the private game maker within Among Us,” Paige Closson, Honors Program Intern, said. 

Among Us allows for private groups of up to 10 people to play together. During the game, crewmates attempt to complete their tasks without being eliminated by the impostor or impostors. 

Students were encouraged to have the Among Us app downloaded on their mobile device prior to the event. While a desktop version is out on Steam, it costs around $5. The mobile game is free and can be played with players using a computer. It was beneficial to have knowledge of how the game works, but experience is not required.

“It’s a relatively quick game to learn and I’m sure the students would be more than willing to lend a helping hand to those who don’t quite understand right away,” Closson said.

The Honors Program and Gamers’ Guild have come together to host game nights in the honors lounge during previous semesters. This Zoom event is set to take the place of those previously loved events.

Honors students were able to receive event credit for attending this event by staying for at least one hour. The Zoom meeting opened up for students to join at 6 p.m. and will last until around 8 p.m.

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