Students complain of issues with testing application Examity

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By: Eva Monhaut


When it comes to taking exams, many professors choose to use online testing platforms which allow students to take their exams from the comfort of their own homes. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when most classes are online; testing proctors such as Examity are growing in popularity. However, many students complain of issues with the platform all begging the question: Should Examity be used for testing?

According to the Examity official webpage “Examity entered the online proctoring market in 2013…we developed our solution to encompass a variety of proctoring styles, from automated through to live. In addition, we heard time and again that test-takers require immediate, and ongoing support, on their schedule.”

Examity aims to provide an adaptable service for all professors and students including aspects which monitor students to deter cheating, offer students live/interactive support,] and track the student’s computer activities during the resting sessions. During the current Fall 2020 semester there is one level offered from Examity: “Level 3 – Live proctoring: After completing the live authentication process, Examity monitors the test-taker’s surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam,” according to IU South Bend’s page with information regarding Examity.

Sharon Busenbark, a professor in the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics has chosen to use Examity this semester in lieu of in person exams. “Examity helps to ensure the student who is supposed to be taking the exam is the one actually taking the exam, as well as helps to maintain the same type of testing controls found in an in-person exam,” said Busenbark.

Examity claims that during all online exams student’s information is kept safe and secure. IU’s Knowledge Base collaborates this stating that all “government IDs, security questions, and video feeds of the test-taking environment are encrypted to ensure the data is protected from unauthorized access. Only properly authorized people, instructors and the service administrators, have access to the information and the videos that are stored.”

Even with this in mind, many students express concerns about their personal information being shared through the platform. Professors like Busenbark express the importance of students being careful and aware of who they share personal information with: “I instructed my students to use their student ID, as opposed to something like a driver’s license, when setting up their profile and authenticating themselves,” stated Busenbark.

If students want to learn more about Examity or are experiencing issues with the platform they are encouraged to contact Examity support which offer 24/7 live chat and email help directly at or 855-392-6489. IU students can additionally contact IU Examity account manager, Cheryl Esselen directly at

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