Meet the staff: Alyssa Foster

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By: Alyssa Foster

My name is Alyssa Foster, and I am most likely an unfamiliar face to most here at IUSB. While I am a sophomore, this is my first year attending college in Indiana. I am originally from LaPorte, but I traveled to St. Charles, Missouri for my freshman year of college at Lindenwood University. 

I am currently a Communications major with a Journalism focus, and I am minoring in Criminal Justice. I am very passionate about my grades and schoolwork, so most of my time is spent working on assignments and finding ways to get ahead on work.

When I am not doing school work, I am most likely working at one of my three jobs. I work at Old Navy and Federated Media, and, as you can see, I also write for The Preface! If I have time outside of work, I love to shop and spend time with my family. 

Along with these interests is bowling. Most people do not consider bowling a sport, but I went to school at Lindenwood on a bowling scholarship. I have had a passion for bowling since I was four years old, and many people find it interesting that I was able to travel to several states to compete! 

You’ll see me writing several types of stories this year. I love going outside of my comfort zone and covering subjects and events that I know little about! I was the editor of my high school’s paper and experienced writing for my former universities newspaper as well, so I have definitely gained a love for meeting new people, talking to others, and being able to tell the unique stories of different people. 

I am looking forward to bringing my love for writing to The Preface, and I cannot wait to meet new people and inform you all about what is going on around our community!

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