IU South Bend students provide virtual book readings to local elementary school

By: Alyssa Foster


IU South Bend students have recently been given the opportunity to virtually read to Hay Elementary School students.

Students of IU South Bend have been asked to record themselves reading a children’s book for children in grades K-5. These virtual book readings will be added to the Hay Elementary School Library, and students will be able to access the videos through their Google Classrooms. 

“The students will have access to it from anywhere and at any given time,” Ermina Coric, Hay Elementary School Assistant Principal, said.  

Videos of five to six minutes are the ideal length, but they can be any length up to 10 minutes. While there are no specific books students must read, all readings should be appropriate for the elementary level.

All students are able to engage in this opportunity, not just those interested in Early Education or Literature. Students can use any media to record these books, including personal devices, Zoom, Kaltura, Google Meet, or any other personal preference.

“We are looking for a diverse group of readers and want anyone who is interested to participate,” Coric said. 

The idea of a virtual library came from the Dean of Students at Madison STEAM Academy. When the library was shared with Hay Elementary, the idea of having IU South Bebd students provide recordings was one that struck interest. 

“We really wanted to include the community in hopes of our students being more engaged. We also wanted the students to be able to see that reading is something that everyone does, and it is a lifelong learning experience,” Coric explained.

Any student interested in providing a video can contact Coric at Students are also encouraged to talk to their community-based groups about this project. Some, such as the Honors Program, are accepting videos as community service for this semester. 

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