COVID-19 cases on the rise in St. Joseph County

By: Cassidy Martenson 


St. Joseph County is currently experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases. As health officials encourage community members to follow safety protocols, it seems as though the numbers only continue to rise. However, the Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) campus community has been able to keep COVID-19 under control. 

In the state of Indiana, there has been 146,000 COVID-19 cases in total. According to data collected by the New York Times, there were 1,947 new cases in the state on Friday. While cases are rising throughout the state, St. Joseph County ranks third amongst the counties with the most COVID-19 cases.

As of Friday, St. Joseph County had a total of 8,456 COVID-19 cases and 154 deaths. While daily numbers looked like they were on the decline toward the end of summer, the cases are rising again. As of Friday, St. Joseph County alone reported 130 new cases of COVID-19. 

The IUSB campus is situated within St. Joseph County, but COVID-19 cases have been nearly non-existent within the campus community. According to data released by IU for the week of Oct. 4-10, IUSB had only three positive cases for the week. Two positive cases were discovered through mitigation testing, while one was identified through symptomatic testing. In total, IUSB only has a .7% positivity rate for mitigation testing and a 9.8% positivity rate for symptomatic testing. 

These numbers portray the success of COVID-19 protocols within the campus community. While IUSB has maintained low positive COVID-19 test results, other IU campuses have not experienced the same success. IU Bloomington currently has a 3% positivity rate for mitigation testing and a 34.1% positivity rate for symptomatic testing. These numbers grew exponentially after a COVID-19 outbreak at various fraternity and sorority houses on the Bloomington campus. 

Students at IUSB are grateful to attend a university that prioritizes their health and well being, especially with the recent rise of cases in St. Joseph County. 

According to IUSB student Cloey Noles “The staff at IUSB has been working very hard to put every precaution in place that they could think of. This makes us students feel safe going to our classes on campus and living a semi-normal life.”

Maintaining a sense of normality and keeping the campus safe requires all students and staff to do their part. Remember to continue to wear cloth face coverings, and notify IU if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have tested positive, or have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19. For more information about campus coronavirus protocols, visit

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