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An update: Campus mask violations may lead to suspension

By: Kate Luce


In the last issue of The Preface, published on Oct. 7, it was published that “According to the IU-wide code of Sanctions for Noncompliance with COVID-19 Health and Safety Directives for students, any refusal of any of the rules put in place by IU may lead students to ‘suspension or expulsion from the university.’” While this is still correct and up to date, here are some answers to questions students may have with making reports and what to do in some situations.

If faced with a student not wearing a mask, Chuck Carney, Indiana University’s Director of Media Relations, recommends that students should address the situation with safety and comfort in mind. The campus-wide form to address mask violations are put in place for this reason. If one does not feel comfortable saying something directly to another student, it is recommended that students text “SAFETY” to 384-99. A link to fill out this form will be sent, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Handling mask violations are all dependent on the situation at hand.

“If an instructor has a student who will not wear a mask, that instructor may end the class. If a fellow student is not able to convince someone to conduct themselves properly in this circumstance, they should simply use the reporting mechanism. Anyone, student, faculty, or staff, faces consequences for not following these health directives. Visitors to campus must also adhere to these regulations,” Carney said.

The form allows for an option to take a picture of the situation. When asked if this violates any privacy laws in Indiana or on campus, Carney said it does not. Indiana is a one-party consent state when it comes to recordings. Video recordings are legal in any public space.

According to Carney, no reports of mask violations have come through from IU South Bend so far, but if one does come through, the Office of Student Conduct will be contacted and investigate the situation as a potential conduct violation.

Students who are not wearing a mask inside any IU South Bend building can face repercussions for their actions. Masks are mandatory inside any IU South Bend building and when social distancing cannot be practiced outside.

By The Preface at IUSB

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