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Mask violations on campus may lead some to suspension

By: Kate Luce


According to the IU wide-code of Sanctions for Noncompliance with COVID-19 Health and Safety Directives for students, any refusal of any of the rules put in place by IU may lead students to “suspension or expulsion from the university.” 

This policy says that IU-approved face masks must cover both the mouth and face during the time of wearing. IU-approved masks include cloth masks, disposable masks and 95 masks. Neck gaiters, scarfs, t-shirts, bandanas, etc. are not university approved.

Masks must be worn correctly in any IU building or outside when social distancing cannot be enforced. The only time a student, faculty member or staff member can take off their mask is when they are alone in a private office or space. During arts performances and times where one is eating, a mask is not required.

Any other time, a mask is needed. Failure to wear one can result in suspension or expulsion. If one left their mask at home, every building at IU South Bend has disposable masks available for students to use. Here are where they are located. 

Admin/University Center – Admin Gateway, Fine Arts – Printmaking Faculty Office 107, Education & Arts – WERC & Office 2200, Schurz Library – Circulation Desk, Purdue Tech – Facilities Office, Northside Hall – Dean’s Office 101, SAC – Student Check Out Desk, Wiekamp Hall – Dean’s Office 3300, Dwyer Hall – Reception Desk & Office 157, River Crossing Housing – Community Building Office, Sculpture Building – Classroom, Civil Rights Heritage Center – Faculty Office, and Elkhart Center – Security Office.

If one sees a student not wearing a mask correctly, it is encouraged that they report it. Text “SAFETY” to 384-99. A text will be sent to direct to the form to report parties not wearing a mask. From there, one must write when and where it happened. Also, they must report on what they say. In addition, a picture of the violation can be sent to help identify the group. In total, this only takes a few minutes to complete. After, one will receive an email that will say their form was received and will be reviewed by appropriate parties.

IU-wide there has been a decrease of positive cases of COVID-19. Students were commended for their fight towards this decrease.

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