Major league sports cause major league debates

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By: Kaylee Darnell


Sports have always been a large popularity throughout the world and continues on through some students at IU South Bend. 

Major League Baseball is currently in their postseason and all remaining teams are working their way to the World Series. There are some teams battling it out in the Wild Card, whereas some teams are already working their way to the final games after clinching their regular season now working in the division series. 

“I believe the Dodgers will make it to the World Series, but I’m not certain if they will win it. I believe they will face the Yankees,” sophomore, Jared Bias, said. 

“I think the two teams in the World Series will be the Dodgers and Yankees, and I think the Yankees will win it four to three in game seven,” junior, Brittney Johnstone, said.

“I think that the Yankees will take the AL, the Dodgers and Braves will battle it out in the NLCS, but I believe it will be the Yankees and Dodgers in the World Series and the Dodgers will win it in six,” freshman, Nolan Lorenz said.

When it comes to the NBA (national basketball association), they are already in the finals. Currently it’s the Lakers and the Heat and the Lakers are up one game right now. 

“I think the Lakers will win it all 4-1,” Bias said. 

“I don’t watch basketball that much but from what I’ve watched and learned I think the Lakers will win the final with a 4-1 deficit,” Johnstone said. 

“I think the Lakers will finish the sweep, and Lebron gets the final MVP,” Lorenz said.

The NFL (national football league) has just started up their season entering week four. There are currently seven teams that are undefeated so far this season with their record currently being 3-0. Those teams are, the Seattle Seahawks, the Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Tennessee Titans, the Buffalo Bills, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Although the season is just beginning, many fans already have their predictions for the season. 

“My team is the Bears and I believe they will end up 10-6 or 9-7, and I believe Nick Foles will take them to the playoffs,” Bias said.

“I don’t watch football really at all, the only thing I know is that my roommate stresses out every Sunday in front of the TV when the Bears are playing,” Johnstone said. 

“I’m a Packers fan and I think that if we can stay healthy, we are definitely going to win the division and make a deep run in the playoffs, and that Rodgers will be an MVP candidate,” Lorenz said.

With some sports winding down their season and others just picking up, fans will continuously be on the edge of their seats cheering on their favorite teams all season long. 

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