Parking issues persist on campus

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By: Emily Trent

Web Editor/Staff Writer

Online classes have significantly reduced the number of students parking on campus this fall semester. Many students have few to no in-person classes, which allows them to save on buying a student parking permit. 

Due to COVID-19, students were given an extra two weeks to purchase their parking passes at the start of the semester. Permits went on sale on Aug. 1. 

“This year we did allow an extra week to park at the beginning of the school year so we were allowing two weeks for them to get their parking passes, which technically they had since Aug. 1 when the parking permits went on sale,” said Senior Park Clerk, Catherine Morris.

Permits now cost $65 for a semester and $136 for the entire school year. The cost was reduced in order to help students during the pandemic. 

This semester, parking services have received many complaints from students, faculty and staff regarding parking citations and appeals.

Morris said that they received a few more appeals but some of those have come from faculty and staff who have had complaints about being ticketed while on campus. 

According to Morris, some of the complaints were in regard to faculty and staff who believed they shouldn’t have been ticketed, would not need a permit while parking on campus or didn’t realize that their permits expired though they were fully notified multiple times beforehand.

“Although things are a little different with COVID and classes there are no different rules for parking…it doesn’t matter if you’re there full-time, part-time or not at all. If you are going to be parking on campus you need to have a permit,” Morris said.

There are alternative parking options that surround the campus that students are encouraged to utilize if they do not purchase a parking permit. 

Permits and citations can be purchased, paid for or appealed at parking.iu as well by appointment with Cathrine Morris.

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