Meet the Staff: Kaylee Darnell

By Kaylee Darnell


For those of you who don’t know who I am, hey, my name’s Kaylee and I am a junior here at IU South Bend. I am majoring in Communication with a focus in Journalism and minoring in Personal Relations. I am also a member of the softball team and am going into my third year as a part of the program. I play shortstop and am a slapper for the team. 

When I am not on the field for a game or practice, you can usually find me inside my apartment hanging with my roommates or hanging with the rest of my softball team. Outside of softball and my friends, I am writing for the school’s newspaper. This is now my second year on staff. 

You will mostly be seeing sports stories from me in the paper because that is my area of interest and what I know the most about. You can look forward to staying up to date on all things Titan athletics. My favorites to write about are baseball and basketball. Outside of the sports here, my favorite teams are; the Cubs, Bears, and Blackhawks. You can always catch me sitting cross legged in front of the television with a bag of chips screaming at the top of my lungs at my lovable losers. 

I know things are weird right now because of COVID and we may never meet, so here is a rundown on most things about me. I am a huge country music fan and you can almost always catch me dancing to it. I go line dancing on the weekends and also help teach the dances. If I’m not watching sports, I’m more than likely watching my guilty pleasure of reality TV. I love dogs and I have a Pitbull named Wrigley, who may I add is the fattest and sweetest girl ever. I am a sucker for old 80’s movies, my all-time favorite is The Breakfast Club. One of my favorite facts is that my softball teammates refer to me as “Rods” because when I was 16, I had spinal fusion surgery, so I now have two rods and 16 screws in my back. So now anytime something is wrong, or something hurts, you will without a doubt hear one of them ask, “is it because of your rods?” It is my favorite thing. 

I am looking forward to this next year of writing for The Preface and getting my voice out there to the public and keeping you all in the loop about all our athletics. 

By The Preface at IUSB

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