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Masks not mandatory for IU South Bend’s sports teams

By Kaylee Darnell


Sports have been a topic for debate in recent months across the world. This doesn’t change for IU South Bend either. With the cancellation of spring sports last semester, and the delay of fall and winter sports this semester, questions about the season are constantly arising. 

As of current situation and state, masks are not mandated throughout all sports at IU South Bend. Indoor sports teams are technically required to wear masks, whereas outdoor sports teams have more flexibility on when and where to wear them. 

“If the teams can maintain a safe social distance and utilize proper cleaning protocols, masks outdoors are not mandatory. Technically, it comes down to the coach and what they feel is best for their individual team and the circumstances surrounding their practices. When teams are in tight proximity, such as in the dugout, it is recommended that masks are worn,” Athletics Administrative Assistant and Softball Head Coach, Natalie Newell said.

With it being up to coach’s discretion, most athletic teams implement the masks in at least some part of their practice and do their own part in keeping their team and the people around them safe. 

“My goal is to always follow what is going to be the best and safest for my girls. If we can maintain health and safety protocols while functioning within our practice as normal as possible, that’s the goal. Ultimately, it comes down to what I feel is going to be the best for my players and their overall health on the field and off the field,” Newell said. 

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