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Dental Hygiene Program needs patients

By: Mabel Myers

Staff Writer

The Dental Hygiene Program and clinic at IU South Bend provides students with the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree, local anesthesia license and a license to administer and monitor nitrous oxide. After students graduate, they go on to take their board exams to obtain their license to practice publicly.

“We need patients in our chair in order to meet requirements and receive our degree and license, as well as gain more experience,” said Madison Kuhn, IUSB senior dental student.

The dental hygiene clinic at IU South Bend is also a cost-effective way to get your teeth cleaned and receive dental x-rays. This can be beneficial to those who do not have dental insurance and are looking to get a check-up. 

Prices for the clinic are:

  • $15 IUSB Students, faculty, and staff
  • $20 Children
  • $35 Adults
  • $20 Geriatric (65+)
  • $15 panoramic and full mouth x-ray only (by appointment)

This semester, the dental clinic is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment at 8:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. Standard appointments last three hours. New patients are provided with a comprehensive oral evaluation and care plan. 

“There is new COVID protocol so when you arrive at the parking lot you have to call the clinic, and our receptionist will assign you a number that is held up at the door outside by a clinic assistant so that we can control the number of patients in our waiting room. Also, you will be asked a few questions and your temperature will be taken before entering the building, and a mask is required until you are seated in your clinician’s unit,” Kuhn said.

To make an appointment with the dental hygiene clinic call (574) 520-4156.

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