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Creating works of art, far apart

By Emily Hinds


As events go virtual, creative ways to stay engaged are happening on campus. Origami Craft Night took place via Zoom on Sept. 17. Desmond Lord, a member of Titan Productions took charge of the event and provided step-by-step instructions of how to make a variety of origami shapes and creations.

Many shapes and objects were taught how to make, such as an envelope, sailor hat, boat, box, heart and paper crane. If unfamiliar to origami, it was important to pay close attention to every step, in order to achieve the creation. 

Anyone can make origami creations. There are different levels of origami creations to consisting varying difficulty levels. 

“Origami creations are fun to make and are inexpensive, such as creating the heart for a nice Valentine`s Day gift,” Lord said. 

The creation of the heart was also on the easier spectrum of origami, consisting of only a few steps. 

The last origami presentation for the night was the paper crane. This was on the more difficult. It consisted of plenty of folding and unfolding involved in order to complete the task. According to the host, this origami creation also has an old Japanese myth behind it. 

“Legend has it that a young girl was very ill, so a 1,000 people made her paper cranes to heal her from her sickness,” Lord said.  

This shows that origami creations are not just fun to make but become of importance in many lives. 

Origami is a way to relax and take a break from schoolwork. It can help clear the mind and relieve stress. Join Titan Productions in more of their events this semester through Zoom by going to 

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