Meet the new layout manager of the Preface: Livia Jastrzebski

By: Livia Jastrzebski

Layout Manager

Hello! I’m Livia Jastrzebski, the new layout manager for The Preface. I am a Junior at IU South Bend, and my major is graphic design. I also currently work for the American Democracy Project (ADP) on campus. With the upcoming presidential election this fall, we have a lot of work to do, so I am kept quite busy! (Please register to vote by October 5th.)

I enjoy creating both digital and traditional artwork. While at IU South Bend I discovered I really enjoy using charcoal.  Art classes  are always my favorite.

Throughout quarantine I have watched way too many TikToks, made lots of ramen,  and watched cartoons. In particular I have really enjoyed watching “Clone High.” In the show, genetic clones of famous historical figures are in high school. A reboot for the show was recently announced, and I am excited about it. I definitely recommend you watch it if you are reading this.

I also really love lobsters and have always found them fascinating. My favorite lobster is the ornate spiny lobster. They are very colorful and I just think they’re neat. I have never eaten a lobster before though, and many people find it weird.

I hope this helped you get to know me a little bit better. If you ever see me around campus, I’d love to meet you. Or you could email me if you want to talk about cartoons or lobsters. Thanks for reading.

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