Meet the new editors of The Preface: Kate Luce and Taylor Waldron

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By: Kate Luce and Taylor Waldron


Hi! I’m Kate Luce. I have been a staff writer for The Preface for the past three years. Before that, I was a part of my high school’s newspaper for three years, editing for two. In addition to this, I am also the student editor for the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Art’s annual magazine, Aspire.

I have been a senior for a while now at IU South Bend (a super-senior as my grandma would say). I am double majoring in Printmaking and Painting and Drawing, receiving a minor in Journalism. I will be graduating in the Fall of 2021. Despite having only a minor in journalism, I do enjoy writing articles, connecting with students and staff on campus, and investigating and bringing issues our campus faces to light. 

Taylor and I currently live together. Our friendship really blossomed because of The Preface and having classes together.

What else do you need to know about me? I have been vegan for over three years now! My artwork is scary (Taylor got mad at me for writing this, but I’m going to keep it real, it is true). I’m usually stumbling around campus with giant boots on. I’m pretty excited to be back on campus and writing once again!

Hello, Preface readers! I’m Taylor Waldron. I have been a staff writer and recipe columnist with The Preface for the past three years. I also previously held the position of Web Editor. During my time as the Web Editor, I had the opportunity to redesign the website for the newspaper as well as update our social media accounts which I encourage you all to follow!

I am a senior studying Mass Communication with focuses in Journalism and Public Relations. I plan to graduate in the spring (we’ll see what that looks like). For the newspaper, I like to write food columns and highlight different college-friendly recipes as well as review local restaurants and give our readers advice on where to get the best food in the area.

Kate and I are roommates and became fast friends after both joining The Preface our freshman year and having classes together. We have a house near campus with our other friend/roommate, Ryleigh, and our shared cat, Mallory.

What else is there to know? I have many jobs and I’m a classic overachiever. I spend my time working, sleeping, and doing homework. When I actually have time to relax and have fun, I like to read, watch trashy reality shows, and cook. 

We are very much looking forward to having a strong year with our Preface team, despite the many challenges we are to face ahead. 

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