Fewer food choices on campus this semester due to COVID-19

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By Connie Klimek

Staff Writer

On campus dining is looking a bit different this year. Due to the pandemic, limited dining options are available, with campus only opening two out of their four dining locations. The Grill is open 11a.m. – 3p.m., and We Proudly Serve Starbucks is open 8a.m.-5p.m. Both are open Monday – Thursday.

These are not the only way students can access food on campus this semester. Another option is the Titans Feeding Titans food pantry located in the Fine Arts building Room 111. Students are welcome to come collect food and hygiene products that have already been bundled up by members running the food pantry. Bundling up items is a new feature of the food pantry this academic year in response to health and safety guidelines for the pandemic. By p repackaging supplies for consumers of the food pantry, it minimizes contact and exposure with consumers and the food pantry’s supplies. Limited contact and exposure to items allows for the members of the Titans Feeding Titans food pantry to be able to safely serve as many students in need as possible. 

The dining experience at IU South Bend for residents in River Crossing housing is not too different from previous semesters. Residents still will receive a $300 stipend per semester to use at on campus dining locations. If the entire stipend is not used during the fall semester, the remaining amount will roll over and add to the $300 spring semester stipend. When IU South Bend closed campus and housing in March 2020 due to the pandemic, the dining stipend was refunded to residents as part of their housing costs refund. 

Additionally, events specific to residents in River Crossing housing will be adjusted accordingly due to the pandemic. In previous semesters, several of the events hosted in the Community Building often offered food to accompany an event. According to Scott Strittmatter, Director of Housing and Student Life, due to the health and safety regulations regarding the pandemic, offering handmade food by the housing staff, such as the Midnight Breakfast (offered during finals week), may not be possible. However, events are still taking place in the Community Building, but the staff is unsure if any events will include food in order to keep the health of their residents a top priority. 

Although the IU South Bend community and campus is functioning a bit differently than in past semesters, dining services, the food pantry, and events are still back on for students. 

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