Changes being made for IU South Bend Dance programs

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By: Emily Hinds

Staff Writer

Dance instructor, Karen Pajor, offers some insightful information in regards to dance classes this year offered at IUSB. Due to COVID-19, there have been some adjustments and changes for the students involved in dance.

Dance classes currently are meeting in person, however, they are adhering to the CDC COVID-19 guidelines by wearing face masks and standing at least six feet apart. The classes are limited and not as many students are registered. 

“I`m just thankful we are able to meet and have class. It helps bring forth some normalization back into people`s lives even though we have to dance with the battle of the masks,” said Pajor. 

Pajor also has some information about what is going on with the IUSB Tap Kickline this year. Due to COVID-19, all performances were canceled for the dance team throughout the summer and fall of 2020. 

The team decided to continue practicing throughout the Summer using Zoom, the video conferencing service. 

“We faced the difficulties of not everyone having enough space to dance in. People had to juggle around lamps and sofas. We felt good about seeing everyone through Zoom even though it wasn`t in person. It proved that we were stronger than we thought and that dancers are strong,” said Pajor.

Two Kickline students spoke about their experience and the physical and mental challenges they are facing currently due to the changes for dance this year. 

“This year makes me want to work harder than any other year so I can perform as well as I could without wearing a mask,” said Junior, Nicole Krause.

“I have been dancing for many years now and this year especially has been a challenge. I have seen it among many other dancers as well during this time. It`s hard to take time off mentally and physically due to memorization of routines and becoming out of practice,” said Kickline alumni, Elizabeth Leachman.

IUSB Tap Kickline is currently preparing for a video recording of their tap dance routines that are going to be recorded this October. This recording will be shown in December for their annual holiday performance. The time and place for the video’s release is to be determined. They are currently learning routines to the songs, “Sleigh Ride” and “Holly Jolly”. 

“Even though we are facing challenges right now, the dancers are so excited to be together again that we are willing to do the sacrifice”, said Pajor.

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