Artist Feature: Arianna Peak

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By: Ashley Cox 

Staff Writer

Arianna Peak, a senior, who does painting and drawing at IUSB has always loved doing fine art ever since she was a kid. 

“I’ve had an interest in fine arts since I was little, both of my grandmas are artists,” said Peak. 

For Peak though, she decided she wanted to make it into a career in junior high school. Her art teacher, Ms. Morris was her decision on pursuing art. 

“She submitted my work to scholastics when I didn’t think it was good enough, but when it got in that was a big confidence boost,” said Peak. 

For her subject matter, she mainly focuses on figure work and portraiture.

Figure work is where the primary subject is a human figure and portraiture is the representation of a particular individual according to the Museum of Modern Art.  

Peak has a love for art, and has for a very long time. Some of the things she loves about art is the challenges she faces. 

“Among the many things I love about art, the one I love the most is the never ending challenges it presents. Pushing me to be more creative as an artist and viewer,” said Peak. 

Along with the challenges she faces in art, she also loves painting in different lighting. 

“I love painting ¾ view portraits with dramatic lighting. I think it reveals unnoticed points of the subject’s features,” said peak. 

When it comes to advice about becoming an artist, Peak has one thing in particular that people should know. 

“Welcome criticism, it’s one of the main things that will help you grow as an artist,” said Peak. 

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