A Walk in the Woods: Spicer Lake

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By: John Griffee

Staff Columnist

St. Joseph County is home to Spicer Lake County Park: 320 acres of pure hiking bliss. The drive out to Spicer Lake is well worth it, as the park offers multiple trails that weave through remnants of some of the wetlands that still remain in our area. It captures the diverse natural beauty that can be found around our county.

Starting on the trails at Spicer Lake, the path opens from woods to a picturesque golden field that never seems to end. Honeybees and dragonflies dart through the flowers and fill the air with the scent of pollen. As the trail leads hikers back into the looming forests, the park feels more like a scene you’d find in a fairytale than one of the parks in our county. 

The excellent quality of the trails is something that cannot be understated, making the park an easy trek for any level of hiker. Hiking boots are recommended, but not necessary as the paths have been well maintained and manicured for visitors of the park. 

Of the eight trails at Spicer Lake, hiking the Lancaster Lake trail is a must for any visitor. The walk towards the lakefront holds views of some of the aquatic life around the area. Fluttering duck wings break the sounds of the marsh surrounding the lake. The cobalt blue water stands out against the sea of green foliage that stands alongside the dock walkway. The serenity of lake is enveloping and the sounds of the life in the water drown out songs of birds from the forest. Lilypads are scattered on the rim of the lake like purple and green dots flushed out by the rich color of the water. 

The wetlands are the main draw of the park, featuring two boardwalks that overlook the environment. Wetlands are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems, reflected by the number of different species at a closer look in the area. 

Spicer Lake is free to the public, open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. Spicer Lake offers a great way to spend hours of free time and enjoy some of the beauty that our area is home to. Take pride knowing your county is home to Spicer Lake. 

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