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Parking at IU South Bend, what has changed?

By: Ashley Cox 

Staff Writer 

Most students are on a web-based learning this fall semester, meaning, some have little to no in-person classes. What does this mean for parking on campus?

There has been more parking spaces available for students going to their in-person classes than ever before. Some parking lots that once were hectic to find parking in, are now nearly empty.

In addition, there have been changes to the parking services. They have changed their hours which can be found on their website as well as who can park on campus. 

The parking services are allowing students who live on campus to park on campus in order to have less foot traffic on the bridge. Since there are not as many students needing to get to their classes, housing students can park on campus without fear of getting a ticket.

Parking permits have been discounted this year because of so many students doing class from home. Instead of $77 a semester for students, it is now $65 to obtain a pass.

However, students still need a parking permit to park anywhere on campus. 

“You need a parking permit to park on any campus lots and in the garage regardless of the amount of classes you are taking in-person,” said Senior Park Clerk, Catherine Morris. 

And yes, there will be ticket writers patrolling the lots to enforce permits. 

To check out their hours, purchase a pass or pay a citation, visit


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