Health and Wellness Center proposes Student Health Fee, Soccer team funded

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The Directors of the Health and Wellness Center attended the most recent SGA meeting to propose a Student Health Fee. Although it was a proposal, the center hopes to get this fee put into action.

Students would pay $25 each semester, which in return would give them $25 worth of services each semester. According to the director, it would provide accessible healthcare to the students of IU South Bend that might not have received it otherwise.

IU South Bend employees would also have to pay each semester for a health fee. This would allow for students to receive physicals, STI testing, and vaccinations.

Originally, this fee was proposed back in 2010, but it was denied. Currently, the center only has one full-time employee, and the SGA has helped fund the center in the past.

The Women’s Soccer team received the required funding for their new field goals and warm up uniforms. The team is set to be able to play next fall. Total funding was $6.129.81.

The field goals will be placed by student housing. The team is working with facilities to make sure the area will be cleaned up from the geese droppings when the goal posts come.

Although the team was fully funded, the a senator brought up the concern that the school might stop fully funding sports teams and have the SGA handle anything that may be covered. This is because the school was supposed to fund the field goal posts and the practice uniforms.

Rodger Pinto, SGA President, assured that this would not happen for future sports teams.

Two funding requests also came in to the SGA meeting, with only one being funded.

The History Club asked for $2,499.69 for a four day trip to Mackinac Island in April. The club will be taking 23 people to historical sites, museums, and exploring nature in the area.

This money will be going towards van rental, gas and hotel rooms for the students attending the trip. The History department chipped in $1,000 and students are paying $80 each.

The SGA funded the club to the full amount.

The Political Science Club came in asking for $900 for this semester’s events. This money would be going towards food for their events throughout this semester. They currently have 13 events.

This SGA tabled the funding until next week since there was not a written cost breakdown.

The SGA is currently taking applications for senators for 2020-2021. Anyone is able to file the form here: Students have until April 4.

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