Self-reflection: Maybe my school email isn’t useless

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We all know that school emails can be annoying.

Updates about random events we are not interested in, internship applications that do not coordinate with our major, notifications that are specifically for graduates or specifically for undergraduates, but that get sent to every single student anyway—sometimes we think that maybe we should not be checking these emails at all.

I am one of those students that is very inconsistent and apathetic about even skimming through the Daily Titan, IUSBARTS, and IUSBCareers emails. But recently I have come to see the error in my ways.

We all live in a world where it is so easy to pretend like we do not have important things to do in order to plan and act upon our potential futures. We can stream Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, listen to Spotify, play whatever video game is trending right now, scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

It is so incredibly easy to lose focus of the fact that we will be graduating in four, three, two, one year(s).

On one of the random days I actually decided to absorb the content of an IUSBCareers email, I realized that it was time that I stop entertaining myself with pointless activities and try harder to not just pass through college, but let this college experience make me better, more educated, and more appealing to future employers.

The IUSBCareers, in particular, provides great opportunities for students to improve their image for education and job opportunities.

Students can submit their resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, writing sample, student employment application, and/or other documents which may be seen from different employers within the area depending on the background information and interests you provide through the IUSBCareers personal profiles.

I used the IUSBCareers website in the fall to research the internships and job opportunities that would be offered from the several businesses at the Fall IUSB Careers Fair. It helped me tremendously in narrowing down my interests and providing me with background information on the organizations I could potentially work for—which later led to me getting an interview and then an internship offer this summer that I accepted.

Even using the my IUSBCareers profile page then to favorite my top ten business, I still did not know all that the IUSBCareers site offers.

I recently submitted my resume in IUSBCareers. I have had my resume looked at by a couple different professors and have had it graded in a few different assignments in my courses.

The resume must be approved by IUSBCareers and students must check that they want employers from the surrounding community to view it before it can be printed in the student book those employers look at to offer positions.

About five days later, I got an email from IUSBCareers saying that my resume had been disapproved. The rest of the email listed out which aspects of my resume fell short, and what I could do in order to fix it.

Most of the changes had to do with format and disclosure of dates and high school information, which could be changed easily.

And even though my resume only required a few simple fixes, it made my resume more informative, more applicable, and more appropriate for the employers who will later examine it.

The resume submission and distribution to local businesses and organizations is only a small part of what IUSBCareers offers for IU South Bend students.

If you are interested in stopping the streaming, stopping the skimming, and starting to work for your future, go to IUSBCareers through your One.IU account and be ready for all the opportunities at your fingertips.

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