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Changing the rules on skateboards, women’s soccer team pushing for next semester


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It came to light that the skateboarding policy has changed last Student Government Association (SGA) meeting. With funding undergoing approval, the women’s soccer team is on track be in full swing next semester.

As of now, students are allowed to use skateboards, penny boards and longboards in housing only. Students are not allowed to skate on the campus bridge and on campus.

President of the SGA, Roger Pinto, brought up the funding request form the women’s soccer team. The team is asking $6,129.81 for goal posts to be put in place in housing and practice uniforms. Although the SGA decided to table this request until next week when the soccer team would be at the meeting, it sparked questions and concerns from the SGA.

Mostly, the SGA was concerned where the funding would be taken out of. Athletics are funded directly from the Student Activity Fee, and the university was able to fund almost everything but the uniforms and the goal posts.

As for the space where these goal posts would go, they are set to put in a green space in housing.

However, there was a concern about the geese droppings in the area. Pinto said that facilities would be working with the team to provide maintenance of their practice area.

The SGA was also concerned if the team would be able to play, since last year the team was formed, but there were not enough players to safely compete against other teams. IU South Bend has recruited soccer players from a school in Chicago. The soccer team now has enough players and would be set to play next year.

Although the SGA has yet to fund anything, the team will be in next week to address their funding request.

Lastly, the Student Nursing Association requested $2,700 to send five students to the Student Nursing National Association Convention in Orlando, Fla. in mid-April.

The Convention allows for students to network with others in their field, listen to seminars related to their field, and prepare for the NCLEX, which is the exam that provides nursing students with their license to practice.

Although only five students could attend, the club will bring the information back to other students and their instructors.

Funding would go towards the flight, hotel, and tickets to the convention. Any excess will go toward their volunteer opportunity they attend in October, which is providing vaccination for those who cannot afford it.

The Student Nursing Association has cut down their cost by hosting fundraisers at restaurants and selling shirts. The club also asked the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for funding, and received $500 from their school.

The SGA asked the Student Nursing Association last year to provide a breakdown of all the costs, ask the school for funding, and have fundraisers. Since they achieved all three things, funding for $2,700 was approved.

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