Archery Club shoots for a pot of gold

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IU South Bend’s Archery Club spent last Friday shooting at pots of gold, rainbows, and leprechaun hats. Archery Club

Archery Club is a student-led organization that hopes to provide an opportunity to work on coordination, confidence, and concentration. Archery Club welcomes both students and faculty to participate and step out of their comfort zone. The sport of archery can boost self-esteem, reduce stress, and help build friendships.

Archery Club is led by President Hannah Drudge, Vice President Corey Vermillion, and Secretary Kevin Griffin. The club officers share responsibilities in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Club officers also encourage new members to join.

“You don’t need any equipment, you don’t need to know how to shoot. Just come and have fun,” explains Drudge.

Whether you are serious about the sport or just hoping to give it a try, the most important part is to have fun.

The Archery Club meets every Wednesday and Friday from 5-7pm at Michiana Archery for practices. The club also holds a monthly meeting in the Student Activity Center in Room 225. This meeting is held to discuss future shoots and collect club dues.

The club holds a “Fun Night Shoot” one Friday a month from 5pm-7pm at Michiana Archery.

Archery ClubIn the past, Archery Club has held holiday shoots such as a Halloween shoot, a Christmas shoot, and a Valentine’s Day shoot. This semester, the club held their first Shamrock shoot.

“So we’ve done a couple group shoots this semester but this is our big holiday shoot, our Shamrock shoot. We’ve been working on trying to restructure from the inside and gain new members…we’ve been trying to really work on building the club, so we haven’t actually focused much on an actual shoot. The group shoots are going to start back up after midterms,” explains Vermillion.

The club intends on continuing their tradition of the Monopoly-themed shoot. This shoot allows archers to trade in money they hit and collect off of the target wall for archery-themed prizes and merchandise.

The coach of IU South Bend’s Archery Club is Henry Schacht, owner of Michiana Archery. The club’s faculty advisor is Savana Hebert-Annis.

In terms of club dues, Drudge explains, “For new members it’s $25 to join and then it’s $15 monthly for the membership with Michiana Archery.”

The initial $25 payment includes a club t-shirt. The $15 monthly membership extends past Archery Club meeting times. The membership allows access to Michiana Archery’s shooting range at any time.

The fees that are due to Michiana Archery every month are to maintain the lanes and the equipment, while also ensuring lane time for the club.

“You get to use their equipment when you come. The club dues help us maintain the club and keep things going on our end, especially so we can supply food when we have events. Plus, the targets are custom-made, requiring supplies,” explains Vermillion.

For those that are unsure if Archery Club is for them, Drudge urges those interested to stop in for a meeting or a practice. The club is willing to allow potential members to come to a practice or two with no charge, to ensure Archery Club is the right fit.

“If you can’t commit to coming once a week every month, then you could pay per visit, it’s up to you. It’s $15 for a month or $10 per shoot,” suggest Vermillion.

For more information on Archery Club, check out their page on Titan Atlas or their Instagram page, iusouthbendarchery.

Vermillion requests, “Check out Titan Atlas and please RSVP when we have events so we know how much food to get.¨

If you are interested in joining Archery Club, contact President Hannah Drudge at or 574-551-6519 or contact Corey Vermillion at or 574-302-6069.


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