A Walk in the Woods: Rum Village Park

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Of the many parks in the area, Rum Village is one of the few parks that has something for every age group. Those looking for a park to bring friends, children or relatives to are in luck as the park hosts a variety of attractions and opportunities, with weekly events hosted at the park. IMG_5232

Entering the park, visitors will come across the Rum Village Nature Center, a quaint facility that can give park-goers an insight into some of the local animals and wildlife in the park. The nature center has multiple local species in the building, as well as a bird-window that is a clear hit with many visitors.

Within the nature center are educational activities for the children, with trail guides and brochures detailing some of the programs at the park. For those looking for a more engaging or exciting experience with the outdoors, the park is part of the Edge Adventures group, with zip lines set up along a course.

Throughout the 160 acres of Rum Village rest trails that weave and bob through the woodlands. Each trail is short but offers a challenge with the changes in incline. While the trails lack in length, the beauty and experience offered dwarf those concerns of lost potential.

Rum Village has plenty of wildlife as well. As the temperatures begin to rise and spring arrives, salamanders can be found, dotted throughout the park. Birdwatchers are not just limited to the bird viewing area at the nature center, as the tree canopy carries the songs of local birds throughout the forest.

Rum Village is a free park open to the public. Events are typically run on a weekly basis, each Sunday and have no admission fee. Boots are highly recommended for those that plan to hit the trails, as well as binoculars. For all that is offered in the area, Rum Village Park is the beauty of the South Side.

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