Two large funding requests passed this week’s SGA meeting

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The Student Government Association (SGA) passed two large funding requests for the Advertising Club and the Black Student Union.

The Advertising Club’s trip to the Chicago Advertising Career Fair was funded to $2,000. The career fair in Chicago allows students to work and network with professionals in their industry.

20 students are expected to go, but the club has opened up this fair for anyone interested.

Originally, the club was asking for $2,500. This cost went towards the tickets of the event, and a royal excursion bus for the club to take. The club will be fundraising for food and the rest will go towards future speakers.

Some senators had concerns about the students taking a royal excursion bus. Some suggested taking the South Shore, which would have cut transportation down to about $500.

However, the members of the club had their concerns with this suggestion. One professor has shot down the South Shore due to safety concerns. Another issue is that some students would have to travel far to get to the station.

Nonetheless, the SGA funded the club up to $2,000, since the event is happening in three weeks.

The Black Student Union (BSU) was funded their full amount of $1,261.50 for a one day conference in Atlanta.

The President and Vice-President of BSU will be attending this conference. They will be taking a flight out to Atlanta, share a hotel room, attend the conference, and fly back.

This conference will focus on leadership skills, which in return, will help better the BSU. BSU is an ever growing organization on campus, and they hope to become larger by mentoring South Bend Community School Corporation High School students, engaging them with IU South Bend.

The BSU asked for this funding since this conference is meant for two members, not the whole club. The BSU is a very active club on campus, hosting many events throughout the year.

The SGA has support for the BSU, and many of the senators are comfortable for funding due to SBCSC’s involvement.

In other news, Scott Strittmatter, Director of Student Life, said that the Health and Wellness Center is seeing an increase of the flu. He said students are advised to get the flu shot, wash their hands, and try to stay home when sick.

The IT Department said that the wifi has been upgraded and runs faster than it did before. In addition, students can now use their Crimson Card at Subway on Mishawaka Ave.



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