Reading Between the Lines with Eva: What the Preface staff is reading 

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Are you looking for something new to read? Want some more ideas about books that you won’t be able to put down? Here are some books that Preface staff members are currently reading. Perhaps, you are into true crime or maybe you want to delve into something more adventurous.



This non-fiction book is all about feminism and gender studies. It has chapters ranging in topics from how feminism fits into pop culture to women’s education and reproductive rights.

It aims to make feminism something upfront, that all readers can learn about, feel comfortable with and be empowered by. Valenti is also the founder of, which is also about feminism from a forward-looking perspective.

Recommended by staff writer, Kylie Campbell, who says it is a must read for all feminists and those who want to learn more about what feminism stands for.



This book was quite popular a few years back, especially after being adapted into a film starring Reese Witherspoon. It is non-fiction, taking the form of a memoir but it can also be defined as a travel narrative in some respects.

It follows the author, Cheryl Strayed, as she began to feel lost in her early twenties after losing her mother, going through a divorce, and falling into dangerous habits which left her eager for a fresh start.

The book documents this journey alongside her choice to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, which stretches from the Mojave Desert to Washington state all on her own. I am currently reading this book and would recommend it to anyone interested in memoirs, travel stories, nature, or hiking themselves.

I believe the book weaves the adversities of life in the rugged terrain of the trail perfectly with the obstacles life throws us all the time. Full of emotion, humor, and character, Wild powerfully attests to the unexpected  forces of life and nature.



If you are into mystery and suspense than this fast-paced thriller is the book for you. In this book a hit podcast leads to the reinvestigation of a cold case murder.

Simultaneously, it jeopardizes the identity of the original victim’s daughter, Josie Buhrman. After he father’s murder, Josie was finally able to escape the horrors of her family history and find security in a new life in New York.

Unfortunately, the past caught up to her when investigative reporter, Poppy Parnel’s podcast reopens the vault from her past. Recommended by staff writer, Emily Trent.



If you are looking for something both humorous and political, this nonfiction book co-written by the creators of the hit podcast Chapo Trap House is perfect for you. The book, like their podcast, offers an ironically, alternative approach to politics where the reader feels they do not have to side with either extremes in politics.

The book is also great for those interested in history since it touches on the history of politics, the media, and how these things influence American culture. Recommended by staff writer and columnist, Brendan McDaniel.



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