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Finding the right internship through campus programming


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Many college students rely on internships to gain real world experiences before they enter the workforce. Finding that perfect internship can be a challenge to some students.

Some factors that can affect students’ ability to get internships are class schedules, long work hours or simply not knowing where to start looking. Finding internships that fit students’ needs and schedules is important.

The IU South Bend Career Services provides students with opportunities to gain those real world experiences while helping them set goals.

One internship program focused on helping working students gain real world experience is Engage IU South Bend Internship Stipends. The program is run by Dr. Gail McGuire, professor of Sociology and Anthropology.

The program gives students an opportunity to devote 100 hours to a nonprofit organization while still being paid and maintaining a healthy academic career.

Carson Phifer, who is currently involved in the Engage IU Internship Program, says “I got involved with Engage IU by applying for their internship scholarship. Last semester, I worked with the Indiana Health Center.”

“This experience has definitely benefited by personal life as well as my school career because it has made me more aware of the hardships of poverty and more compassionate” Phifer added.

Listing skills on resumes can make students stand out to organizations in need of interns. Stating expectations will also show the company what prospective interns expect to learn and gain from the internship, and show interest.

“Students should apply for this internship because it really allows you to investigate your potential career,” said Phifer.

Setting goals is important when looking for the right organization to work with. The Career Service office encourages students to look at the skills they already have to offer and skills they may want to acquire or strengthen.

Knowing where to start looking for possible opportunities can be challenging. The Career Service office posts open internships on IUSBcareers. There, students can find internships that fit their goals. They offer on- and off-campus opportunities.

The Career Services office says that the internet is a great place to look but it is also important to have face-to-face interaction with organizations. It gets students engaged in the community and helps make a name for themselves. Talking to professors is another great way to start networking.

The Engage IU South Bend Internship program is offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Deadlines are posted on the Career Services website at Interested students can also contact Dr. McGuire with any questions at

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