Reading Between the Lines with Eva: Top books I am looking forward to in 2020



New Year! New Reads! Here are the top books I am looking forward to being released and reading in 2020.

“The Vineyards of Champagne” by Juliet Blackwell

Set during World War I in the French countryside, this novel explores the strength of a group of women standing up against the army.

Beneath the vineyards in the region of Champagne, these women secretly meet while the war rages on above them. The novel also includes a flash into the present as the character or Rosalyn, sampling wines in France of her employer.

As she comes across the hidden history of the women’s WWI letters, she begins to unravel the mystery of those women’s lives.

This book looks really interesting to me because is features strong female characters, a sense of mystery, and takes place in the beautiful, French countryside.

Plus, I already read one of her books, The Paris Key, and really enjoyed the way she weaves stories with multiple layers that draws the reader in. Released January 21, 2020.

‘Code Name Hélène” by Ariel Lawhon

Based off of the life story of Nancy Wake, a socialite spy during WWII. The story is divided up into interweaving timelines based off of the four code names that Nancy used, jumping back and forth through time to tell her story.

Under the code names of Lucienne Carlier, The White Mouse, Madam André, and Hélène, Nancy manages to smuggle people to safety under mattresses, train with Special Operations, and become a powerful leader in the French Resistance.

Once again, I have read one of this authors books in the past, I Was Anastasia, which proved to be some of the best historical fiction I have ever read. This book I am sure will not fail to deliver. Set to release March 32, 2020.

“Sanctuary Highway” by Ellen Hopkins

This book follows two teens as they struggle to create their own identity in a militant United States. The teens must escape with the help of total strangers, living in constant fear.

I have long been an Ellen Hopkins fan, so I know this will be good. I also think these sorts of books are always a good reminder of how fast things can go wrong. Set to release March 17, 2020.

“Topics of Conversation” by Miranda Popkey

This book follows a series of fictional women as they discuss the ordinary details of life as well as more complex topics such as loneliness and guilt.

The book is the first of Miranda Popkey’s but seems like an interesting, light-hearted read. Released January 7, 2020.

“The Girl With the Louding Voice” by Abi Daré

Another debut novel, The Girl With the Louding Voice, follows a young Nigerian girl fighting to get an education and avoid child marriage.

It promises to be an emotional read that is both a coming of age story with potential political undertones on the topic of child marriage. I think it will be an interesting read and am waiting for it to be released on February 25, 2020.

“My Dark Vanessa” by Kate Elizabeth Russell

This book follows a young teen, Vanessa, and her developing romantic relationship with her English teacher. Vanessa meets another woman she relates her own sexual assault story to, with the same man. Now, Vanessa must re-evaluate her past and come to terms with the man she once thought loved her.

Set to release March 10, 2020 this book promise to hold both mystery, romance, and intrigue and is at the top of my list for reading this year.

“Behind Every Lie” by Christina McDonald

Following a the character of Eva Hansen, hospitalized after a tragic lightning strike, this story promises to be a mysterious, page-turning thriller. While recovering, Eva learns of her mother’s murder which she is now a sole suspect.

She must clear her name while still recovering a blurry memory from her accident by traveling to London to unearth the past.

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