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Hey guys! My name is Emily Trent, this is my first year writing for The Preface as an Intern. I am currently a sophomore studying Communication with a concentration in Journalism.

I have always loved English and writing and knew that I wanted to enter the Journalism field in some way since I was very young. I hope to enter the broadcasting or magazine world once done with school.

During the summer I work for The South Bend Cubs in Media and Promotions as a BlueCrew member. I have a love for baseball that only working in a baseball stadium can fulfill. Although I work for the Cubs, I am a SF Giants fan at heart.

I enjoy reading, I love a good classic such as The Great Gatsby but I also enjoy new modern books such as “Are You Sleeping” by Kathleen Barber.

I am an avid music listener, Post Malone being at the top of my list as well as, Rex Orange County, Sam Smith, Khalid and many more. I am always open and searching for new music.

Some of my favorite binge worthy shows include, “The Blacklist”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Madam Secretary” and many more. I try and watch an episode a day if not more when I have some free time.

I absolutely love the fashion world, I think someone’s style says a lot about them and it’s always fun to see new things people are wearing every season. I have watched just about every episode of Project Runway so therefore I think that qualifies me for the position of being a judge.

I have a pitbull named Bella, the absolute love of my life. If I am at home you can guarantee that I am doting on her every second I can. I can’t guarantee you that she loves it but I do.

A few fun facts and unpopular opinions: I don’t like cheese but will eat Mac & Cheese anytime of the day. I could live off cereal, and my favorite color is lilac.

I will stand by my argument and say that not all water tastes the same and it is better when ice cold. Bacon is overrated and early mornings are better than late nights.

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