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This academic school year is the Spanish club’s second year as a student organization here at IU South Bend.

President Hannah Tejada and Treasurer Benjamin Eichman are the acting officers for the organization.

Eichman, the former president, handed the role of president over to Tejada this year because of her strong vision for the club.

According to Eichman, this semester has been tough to recruit new members because nearly the entire club graduated last Spring. The Spanish club has 50 active members on Titan Atlas.

“It’s been difficult starting it back up…but I think the most important thing that people need to know is that it is not for a specific group of people, it is for everyone. It is educational but it is also supposed to be fun,” explains Tejada.

The club hosted a movie night on Monday, October 7, showing the film, “Who is Dayani Cristal?” The film was shown in Spanish with English subtitles. Pizza, chips, salsa, guacamole, and soda were provided. The club officers stated that when food is provided, there is always a vegan option available. The club typically meets on Mondays every other week.

Spanish club is also working with their Staff Advisor, Professor Bridget “Tammy” Fong-Morgan, in order to help translate children’s books for the Translate for Toddlers program. Book translation sessions are held during the week for about an hour at a time.

“There are not a lot of Spanish books for children but in general, there are not a lot of bilingual children’s books for…kids who are learning English as a second language…through school. So, it’s a great way to help out and to help children learn early on, in both languages,” explains Tejada.

The club has a variety of events in the works including game nights, academic events, and other activities. The club is also planning a dance presentation and a presentation on sustainability in South America.

Tejada emphasizes, “you don’t have to be a Spanish major to be part of Spanish club, or even be fluent in Spanish…it’s a more relaxed environment and learning-friendly.”

Students interested in joining Spanish club and attending future events may follow the club’s Titan Atlas page for updates on upcoming events.

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