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One Way campus ministry invites new members with open arms


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One Way Ministry is one opportunity for students looking to enrich and share their faith with others on campus. One Way campus ministry was created by Joseph Conrad, who organizes speakers and keeps One Way operating at IU South Bend.

Conrad created One Way with the help of friends and Gail Thomas, the current Vice President of One Way.

“I felt a burden to reach fellow students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was at a college convention at the beginning of this year and felt God tell me to start a bible study at IU South Bend,” said Conrad.

The group currently holds bible study every week. Each Bible study begins with prayer and song. The rest of the study is left for reading the Bible and learning its meaning.

“A lot of people have preconceived ideas they have heard, so we let the Bible speak for itself.” said Conrad.

“One of my favorite memories was when God filled Ariel with the gift of the Holy Ghost. We read in Acts 2:4 that the Holy Ghost is received by evidence of speaking in tongues. We prayed for her after our bible study and God filled her with His Spirit,” said Conrad.

One way also has plans for the future; “One Way will host a special service in the auditorium where students will be able to worship God, hear the word, and respond. They will feel the supernatural power of God,” said Conrad.

In addition, Tomas said that they will soon be rewarding a monetary prize to a student in need. Conrad and Tomas both expressed their eagerness to welcome new members.

“Our mission for starting One Way Campus Ministry is to establish an international Christian fellowship with students on our IUSB campus. Approximately 70% of college students leave the Christian faith and our goal is to help guide them to fulfill their purpose in life,” concluded Tomas.

Students Eating together at Bible Study. Photo provided by/GAIL TOMAS

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