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English Club launches the semester with a fun filled game night


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The IU South Bend English Club held a game night with the Gamer’s Guild September 17 from 3 to 6 p.m. It was a night for literature and game lovers to come together to enjoy pizza and board games.

The English Club is aiming to expand this school year. Their goal is to do more collaborations with other clubs on campus and get students more involved in on campus activities.

“The English Club had a wonderful time with the Gamer’s Guild and was very grateful for the collaboration. We also thought this event was a nice way to kick off the semester. As the president of the club, I believe that working with other clubs allows members of both organizations to learn more about other activities on campus and find other interests they may have,” said Eva Monhaut, President of the English club.

Some members expressed what they enjoyed about being a part of both clubs.

“I have played with the Gamers Guild since last year but became an official member this year. I am English major, but I love coming to learn and play new games,” said Quinn Newell, a member of the Gamer’s Guild and a lover of English. “It gets me socializing when I don’t want to, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing anything.”

Joseph Walls, Secretary of the English club expressed why he enjoys both clubs.

“The Gamer’s Guild is nice because if I have free time I can go and hangout. And the English Club is cool because it takes you different places.”

Game night is not the only thing the English Club has in store for the semester, they are looking forward to hosting more events and activities on and off campus for everyone to join.

“We are planning a lot of different events. For example, we look forward to writing workshops where students can share their work with one another and get feedback, as well as a literary themed food night. We also want to do movie nights, some field trips, and ideally a fundraiser for the community,” said Monhaut.

The English Club is open to new members at any time. They want to expand the club and give anyone interested the opportunity to express their love for literature.

The club is a place where anyone can come and show their liking for all things English, such as writing, poetry, books and anything else literature related.

“The English Club is excited to grow this school year. The goal is to do more collaborations with other clubs on campus and get students more engaged.” said Monhaut. “In the future, we welcome any organizations that want to collaborate with us not to hesitate to reach out.”

The club welcomes all majors and minors and encourages people to reach out President Eva Monhaut with questions at or on Titan Atlas at

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