We asked you: What do you do to stay fit?

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How do you stay healthy throughout the school year? There are many ways to exercise and stay in shape both on and off-campus. The SAC offers various ways to get active and move during your busy day on campus.

There is more to staying healthy than just exercise, it also means eating right. When considering all of the ways to stay active and eat right, what do you do to stay fit? We asked you, the students of IUSB.

Chanler Ellsworth

“Seventy percent of staying in shape is eating right. The other thirty percent is moving around and exercise. To keep myself in shape I work out four to five times a week doing high-intensity interval training or H.I.I.T. training to push myself for at least an hour. I go to the SAC on occasion if I get out of class early or have an extra twenty minutes. Lifting for twenty minutes is better than lifting for none.” – Chanler Ellsworth



“I dance ballet and run on the treadmill on occasion. I used to go to the SAC more during my freshman year. I don’t have as much time this year.” – Bella Castellanet

Bella Castellanet


“I am on IUSB’s volleyball team and I have practice every day. On my off days, I come to the SAC to work out and run on the track. I am also on a diet for the volleyball team, to try and fill my body with the best food.” – McKenzie Powell

McKenzie Powell

“I work out as much as I can. I walk a lot and try to go to different places like the beach.” – Katie Peel

Katie Peel

“I like walking a lot. I love going to different parks to walk with friends and just talk. I have used the SAC in the past, I didn’t prefer it personally. There seemed to be a lot of people and a little packed at times. I always seem to go at peak hours so there were always people around and I didn’t like that.” – Alicia Einfalt

Alicia Einfalt


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