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SAC gym welcomes new students and explains policies


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For students new to campus who are looking to stay fit and healthy, the gym facilities are located in the Student Activities Center (SAC) between Wiekamp Hall and the Greenlawn green space. This includes access to the basketball courts, a weight room, a track and open workout area upstairs, as well as pool tables and locker rooms downstairs.

There are also classes offered for additional fees on a semester or one-time basis. Hours for the gym often change each semester. Students can find the updated hours posted on signs outside the SAC.

All students can gain access to these facilities after signing a waiver and registering at the check-in desk upon their first visit. After the initial visit, entry is provided with a Crimson Card.

Students must also sign in and out to borrow certain gym equipment such as jump ropes and basketballs, as well as for towels.

The facilities have several policies which students should be aware of. Executive Director of Athletics, Steve Bruce, summarizes some of these policies and why SAC staff believes they are important to have in place.

“The track and rec court are closed prior to home events so that the athletic environment can be upheld. We do not want distractions during events,” said Bruce.

Other policies such as dress codes and the no filming policy receive more pushback from students; “We follow a typical dress code for workout facilities. Photography and video as well. This is to ensure the privacy of our patrons,” said Bruce.

The fee to use these facilities is bundled in with other tuition costs so all students already pay the price to use the gym regardless of whether they choose to take advantage of the opportunity to access the facilities. Bruce expresses that he believes this policy is still the best way to fund gym expenses and encourages students to use the facilities offered to them.

“The facility provides students an opportunity to work on the “wholeness” of their lives. While gaining physical benefits, mental and emotional go hand in hand. We offer exercise classes, along with opportunities to participate in intramurals, as well as strength training, cardio, equipment… I feel that we have a nice variety of choices for students,” concluded Bruce.

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