Interested in working for The Preface? We need YOU. 

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Faculty Advisor

We are here for you.

We also need you.

“We” are the Preface, Indiana University South Bend’s student written, edited and published newspaper. The Preface prints an average of three weeks each month during the academic year. All staff members are paid the university rate. Additionally, we utilize help from interns, who receive 3 credit hours for working with us (around their schedule) during a semester and receive the opportunity to be promoted up to paid staff once their internship semester is completed.

Our staff members suggest story ideas at our weekly meetings in our office in the Student Activities Center (SAC 220). We also look for story ideas from students, faculty, administrators, other staffers, and community partners. If you know of a story you feel will be of interest to the IU South Bend community, let us know. 

We have some immediate needs as we begin the 2019 academic year:

  • A person to serve as assistant advertising manager. The Preface is funded and given an annual budget by the Student Government Association (SGA). Any dollars we can gain from advertisements in our print or online product enable us to do more, offer more stories, use color photographs, etc. 
  • A person (or two) to serve as sportswriter. We try to give regular coverage to the IU South Bend athletic teams competing in fall and spring. 
  • Videographers, photographers, students with podcast abilities. Those are areas we want to bolster during this year – especially for our website.
  • Staff Writers. Each year, we lose talented writers to graduation or full-time employment. There is a constant need for additional writers and fresh ideas.

If you feel you have talent in writing, or any other area mentioned above, please contact us or come to one of our meetings on most Fridays in our office on the second floor of the SAC. We welcome staff members from all areas of study, not just the Communication Studies department.

Over the years we have maintained a solid relationship with the administration at IU South Bend. Nonetheless, when we hear of situations that need to be addressed, we will be happy to explore them and write about them.

Some of our staffers work only a few hours a week – others more. Staff have the opportunity to clock in from anywhere, so long as they are working on Preface-related business. Staff can be clocked in at Starbucks while conducting an interview, or on campus taking photographs, or at home while writing a story.

The flexibility offered by the Preface is unmatched and is the perfect fit for students who are going to school full-time or part-time and have other commitments in terms of employment and otherwise.

The current editor in chief is Katelyn Firestein, who can be contacted at, and our web editor this year is Taylor Waldron.  Both would be happy to use any talents you can offer.

The work students have done with us over the years has been beneficial to their experience, not to mention looks wonderful on a resume. Many have gained employment at local or area news organizations, newspapers or television stations. Others have used the experience gained with us for public relations or marketing jobs. If any of the above positions are of interest to you, please contact us.


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